10 Most Intelligent Animals In The World

A human baby learns most things from his/her mother, which reflects imitation in most habits. Then what about parrot’s imitation skill of human speech, facial expressions of Apes or protecting power of dogs? aren’t they intelligent?  Here the list of 10 most intelligent animals in the world.

10- Ant


Being the smallest member of animal kingdom ants don’t have a large brain. The complex society and the communication system follow by the ants are very tricky and fascinating. For every human on Earth, there are 1.5 million ants in 12000 species. Ants evolved in the era when the dinosaurs roaming on Earth.

Intelligent habits of Ants

  • Ants started farming 50 million years before humans. They cultivate the fungus in leaves and then eat them. The trick is collectively known as fungus farming
  • Ants formed well-planned colonies that have thousands of miles in length, have different sections for farming, collecting foods and for gathering. Each ant colonies have a unique chemical identity through which they recognize the strangers.
  • Ants are traveled by following the pheromone chemical laid by the scout ant who in charge of finding the food. It is interesting to say that each ant will lay trails for the following ants.
  • Some special species of ants will enslave other species to build their own mass colonies.
  • Ants can carry objects 50 times greater than their body. Because they have with thick muscles in proportion to body size.

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